Hi! I’m Kate, the face behind Knotty Collective. I approach art and craft with playful curiosity. Knotty Collective is about out-of-the-box creativity. This website will often be shifting and changing in the same dynamic way that I create- without order or inhibition. My creative ideas come to me randomly and with the same air of spontaneity that I find is an ongoing theme in my life and in my lifestyle. I live and I create curiously, freely, and with an openness to trying new things.

My intention for my work is that it will come out original, personal, and from the heart. Being genuine in all areas in my life is important to me: I don’t want to be the same as everyone else; I want to be me. Let's celebrate all of the things that make you unique!

So this is Knotty Collective. Come, stay, interact, and explore authentic jewelry, knitwear, and macrame. All handmade, all small batch.